Originally a three piece band, the origins of AFTER THE FIRE (aka ATF) date back over 40 years. The band underwent several line-up changes and reformations before recording the self-financed "Signs Of Change" vinyl album in 1978, now considered a cult classic and much sort after by record collectors to this day.

A shift in musical direction then led to the release of the first of several charting singles including '1980-f' (used as a TV and radio theme throughout Europe) and 'One Rule For You (One Rule for me)'. This could have led on to bigger things at home in the UK if the BBC's choice of songs had not included Gary Numan who's "Are Friends Electric" was deemed too similar in style to 'One Rule' to appear on the same night on Top of the Pops...

The band then had a major hit major hit with their English language version of the Falco track 'Der Kommissar', entering the top 20 in 9 countries, climbing to no. 5 in the USA and even the coveted no. 1 spot in South Africa.

The band eventually disbanded in 1983 having made a shock announcement at their Dominion Theatre show on Dec 3rd 1982 that this was to be their last gig for a while. Peter Banks and drummer Pete King formed the band Zipcodes with vocalist Keith Smith. John Russell formed Press Any Key with brother Rob, and singer Andy Piercy continued briefly under the name 'ATF' before moving on to pastures new.

Although the band reunited for a couple of special events, things lay dormant until 2004 when Peter Banks and John Russell agreed to take part in a 'Friends' (the After The Fire fan club) reunion where, with John's son Matt on drums and bassist Ian Niblo, they played an informal Karaoke set for brave fans to perform their favourite tracks. Despite a gap of 'some' years it seemed that the fan-base for the band had never deserted them, they were just resting!