Date Town Venue Notes  
20/02/1980 Liverpool Eric's Fancy Dress Tour  
23/02/1980 Retford Porterhouse    
27/02/1980 Birmingham Bogarts    
28/02/1980 London Notre Dame Hall    
31/05/1980 Slough Fulcrum Centre Pete King's Debut gig  
Date ??? London Paris Theatre BBC Radio 1 In Concert  
06/06/1980 Durham ?    
13/06/1980 London Streatham    
17/10/1980 Sheffield Polytechnic    
18/10/1980 Retford Porterhouse    
20/10/1980 Aylesbury Maxwell Hall    
21/10/1980 London Dingwall's Camden 2 sets filmed (on YouTube)  
23/10/1980 Port Talbot Troubadour    
25/10/1980 Southampton University    
26/10/1980 Worthing Assembly Room    
30/10/1980 Norwich Cromwells    
31/10/1980 York College of Ripon & York St. John    
01/11/1980 Derby Lonsdale    
05/11/1980 Birminghim Lordswood Boys School Pete Powell show - broadcast live BBC R1  
? ? ? Newport Eve with stowaway    
06/11/1980 Manchester University UMIST    
07/11/1980 London City University

Rock Goes to College (b/c 16th March 1981)

08/11/1980 Torquay 400 Ballroom    
11/11/1980 Bristol Berkley Club    
14/11/1980 London Rainbow Theatre Finsbury Park Fabulous Poodles and Lasers  
15/11/1980 Slough Centre Ballroom Lasers  
28/11/1980 Uxbridge Brunel Unlversity    
02/12/1980 Guildford Civic Hall    
05/12/1980 Aberdeen University    
09/12/1980 Cardiff University    

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Errors (including spelling mistakes!) and omissions will be corrected in time ;-)

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