Date Town Venue Notes
08/01/1981 Nottingham Rock City  
11/02/1981 Brighton Sussex University  
13/02/1981 Guildford Surrey University  
20/02/1981 Nottingham Rock City Lasers
24/02/1981 Lesicester University  
25/02/1981 Lougborough University  
27/02/1981 Sheffield Limit Club  
28/02/1981 Retford Porterhouse  
01/03/1981 Wakefield Unity Hall  
16/03/1981 BROADCAST City University BBC Rock Goes to College
22/04/1981 Germany Munich Sugar Shack 1 Midnight show Encore 1
23/04/1981 Germany Munich Sugar Shack 2 Midnight show Encore 2
28/04/1981 Germany Hamburg Fabrlque  
18/05/1981 Germany Hamburg ?  
23/05/1981 Holland Rotterdam festival set 4-5pm no Encore festival set 4-5pm, no encore, 2000+
24/05/1981 Germany ? Very Small Crowd!
27/05/1981 Germany Frankfurt Transport Museum  
28/05/1981 Germany Hanover   Crowd 350
29/05/1981 Germany Berlln Kant Kino  
29/05/1981 Germany Bremen Civic offices foyer  
19/06/1981 Reading University  
27/06/1981 Borehamwood Clvic aill With Canis Major
19/07/1981 Portsmoth Tiffanys

Summer Hop (Bucket & Spade Tour) with Q-Tips

21/07/1981 Poole Arts Centre Summer Hop
22/07/1981 Southampton Top Rank Summer Hop
23/07/1981 St Austell Colesium Summer Hop
24/07/1981 Plymouth Top Rank Summer Hop
26/07/1981 Bristol Locarno Cancelled (Paul Young ill)
27/07/1981 Swansea Top Rank Cancelled
28/07/1981 Cardiff Top Rank Cancelled
29/07/1981 Liverpool Rotters Cancelled
31/07/1981 Carlisle Market Hall Cancelled
01/08/1981 Middlesborough Gaskins Cancelled
02/08/1981 Aberdeen Fusion Clup Cancelled
03/08/1981 Dundee lcerink Cancelled
04/08/1981 Glasgow Tiffan's Cancelled
06/08/1981 Newcastle Mayfair Cancelled
07/08/1981 Sheffield Top Rank Cancelled
08/08/1981 Scunthorpe Tiffany's Cancelled
09/08/1981 Doncater Rotters Cancelled
11/08/1981 London Rainbow Theatre Finsbury Park Cancelled
  Harlow Open air Q-Tips gig whcih ATF guested at
16/09/1981 London Paris Theatre BBC Radio 1 In Concert
09/10/1981 Uxbridge Brunel Universlty  
10/10/1981 London Rainbow Theatre Finsbury Park  
31/10/1981 Retford Porterhouse  
25/11/1981 Marquee Marquee With Rob and Rustlers
26/11/1981 Marquee Marquee With Rob and Rustlers
07/12/1981 London Half Moon Putney  
08/12/1981 Borehamwood Clvic Hill  

Thanks to contributions from wonderful Friends these dates have been compiled.

Errors (including spelling mistakes!) and omissions will be corrected in time ;-)

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